What would a fire in your kitchen really cost?  Have you considered loss of business?  What about damaged reputation?  Nobody ever thinks about losing good employees…

In a professional kitchen and due to the nature of cooking, traditional fire control methods are often inappropriate. This makes the very place that is most prone to fire the least protected. And what is worse is that kitchen fires tend to burn with great intensity. For example, grease fires have very high auto ignition temperatures above 350˚C making them difficult and dangerous to fight with just a portable extinguisher. From the epicentre of the kitchen, fire can quickly spread into the rest of the building.

Even if the fire is contained by the emergency services, the impact of a closed kitchen will quickly spread through your business, financially damaging other revenue streams. We know that ‘the kitchen is the heart of the home’, and in the same way a professional kitchen is often the heart of a business. Without catering, the other services you provide will struggle to attract and retain customers, resulting in a loss of revenue far greater than just the catering income.

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Kitchen Suppression System, installed by Rhino Fire Control, is an automatic fixed fire extinguishing system for catering equipment in any professional kitchen:

  • It can be installed to target fire likely equipment and work stations (fryers, griddles, ranges, broilers, woks, etc.)
  • It is designed to ‘nip in the bud’ any undesired fire quickly and efficiently, preventing it from spreading.
  • It won’t be activated by flames, smoke and steam that are typically present and expected in a busy, operational kitchen (so it won’t unintentionally extinguish the chef’s flambé)
  • It uses a wet chemical agent to extinguish fire that is 99% biodegradable and changes cooking fat into a soapy substance with excellent cleaning and fat-dissolving properties.
  • Modular in nature it can be made to fit any sized kitchen with the minimum of fuss.

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