Suppressing a fire at its source will┬áminimise the damage of valuable assets by extinguishing the fire in the early stages and enable a quicker recovery of operations – should fire break out.

CNC and CAM machinery present a particular problem where unattended automatic machines with potentially flammable lubricants/coolants increase the risk of fire. Rhino’s range of Automatic Fire Suppression Systems will provide the protection you require, building on many years of experience and technical knowledge acquired in the fire industry.

Rhino Fire Control Suppression Systems can be manufactured to your requirements, but the following come as standard features:

  • Simple to install ensuring our technicians cause you minimal downtime.
  • Premium quality valves and pressure vessel – only the best quality is required to protect your assets.
  • Linear heat and flame detection allows for an unlimited number of detection points.
  • Flexible detection tubing can be located adjacent to the identified fire risk areas, therefore resulting in fast action.
  • Totally self-contained – no need for any external energy or power supply, ensuring your system will still detect and activate during power interruptions.