Automatic Fire Suppression Systems are probably one of the most understated Fire Protection measures available. Fires can start in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times. Because of this, Fire Alarms don’t detect, and Fire Extinguishers won’t extinguish, but an Automatic Fire Suppression system will do both no matter where the fire starts.

Fire Suppression systems don’t need to be complex or costly, and Rhino can provide a range of simple, cost-effective Fire Suppression systems for Commercial Kitchens, Vehicles, micro-environments and sensitive electronic control cabinets.

Key Benefits of Fire Suppression Systems

  • Can protect assets worth hundreds of thousands of pounds
  • Low comparative cost to install and maintain
  • Versatile and highly adaptable systems that can be installed in any machine or room
  • Reduces potential for business downtime in the event of fire
  • The most effective fire fighting system available on the market

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Types of Fire Suppression Systems

The two types of fire suppression systems are indirect or direct. Both work in a similar fashion in that a pressured tube is melted in the event of fire –  triggering the suppressant to be released.

Direct Suppression Systems contain the suppressant in the tube so that as soon as the tube melts suppressant is released.

Indirect Suppression Systems use the same pressurised tubes but have valves to disperse the suppressant over a wider range of area. Both systems provide exceptional results with indirect suppression systems typically used on larger machinery and areas and direct suppression systems used on smaller machinery and in smaller areas. The actual dispersant used will depend on the type of fire that may occur.

Fire Suppression System Applications

Fire suppression systems can be used in almost any location and any piece of machinery or equipment to provide protection of your valuable assets. Some of the typical uses are explored below but we can fit the systems to any item or area you require.

Fume Cupboards Suppression systems in Fume cupboards allow for the control and extinguishing of potentially hazardous chemicals as well as providing protection for your expensive equipment. They are designed to quickly extinguish fires before they can cause irreparable damage.

Electrical Enclosures Electrical enclosures are at high risk because of the volume of circuits, wires and the potential for electrical faults. Fire damaged servers, mainframes or communications equipment can seriously harm business operations. A suppression system reduces the risk of losing critical data dramatically.

Kitchen Suppression Systems Kitchen fires spread quickly and dangerously due to the high temperatures and oils present in many commercial kitchens. Kitchen suppression systems are designed to protect valuable catering equipment and protect lives.

Industrial Machinery Suppression Systems Industrial machinery, and in particular automatic machinery, can be heavily protected from fire risk with suppression systems. Build alongside the machine these are the best way to protect valuable assets from serious damage in the event of fire.

Vehicle and Forklift Suppression Systems Vehicle suppression systems protect vehicles from fire damage and can quickly suppress engine fires. A simple low cost system can protect machinery costing tens of thousands of pounds. Typically installed in forklifts these systems can be installed in any vehicle system.  

Working With Rhino Fire Control

Whether it be a Commercial Kitchen, Scientific Fume Cupboard, CNC Machine or Computer Control Cabinet, Rhino can provide simple, yet effective Automatic Fire Suppression systems; your property will be safe with a Rhino Suppression System. Contact us today to discuss your requirements or to book a consultation.