One of the most critical life protection measures is to enable people to escape quickly and safely from a building in the event of a fire, or indeed any emergency.

At Rhino Fire Control we offer a complete service including fire safety planning, fire system installation, design and maintenance. Whilst safety signage may be a small part of fire safety it is nevertheless critical to ensure the safety of staff.

We can advise you on the required locations for fire safety signs and best practice in planning and signing emergency escape routes and fire safety equipment. This ensures that your premises are adequately covered and that it is easy for staff and visitors to quickly find and identify emergency escape routes.

Our range of signs includes:

  • Fire Assembly Point Signs
  • Fire Action Signs
  • Refuge Point Signs
  • Emergency Route Signs
  • Fire Exit Signs
  • Fire Door Signs
  • Fire Extinguisher Signs

Rhino offers a full Fire Safety Signage audit and installation service to ensure that your Fire Escape routes are clearly and adequately marked. All our Fire Safety Technicians and Fire Safety Consultants are fully trained and competent in Fire Safety Signage design.

To discuss your fire safety signage requirements please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using our contact form or by calling us directly on 01278 422705.