Fire Doors are key players in a company’s Fire Safety Strategy. They provide defence against the spread of smoke and fire, assist in safe evacuation and provide protection to other areas of the property.

At Rhino Fire Control, we’re passionate about protecting people from fire, and we believe that regular maintenance of Fire Doors will greatly assist in this, and ensure your premises are safe for everyone!

In the same way as Fire Alarms, Fire Extinguishers and other Fire Safety systems are checked regularly, Fire Doors should be inspected at least six-monthly by a competent person. As Business Owners, you have an obligation to ensure that all Fire Doors are kept in good working order and maintained to the BS 8214 standards.If audited, the Responsible Person must be able to prove the inspector’s competency, which couldn’t be easier with our FDIS and BM TRADA* accredited assessors!

Whatever you need, Rhino has the ability and expertise to manage your Fire Door Inspection and Maintenance requirements. Need help with your Fire Doors? Connect with us here!

*Awaiting final certification for BM TRADA accreditation – currently pending status.