Rhino Fire Control offer regular fire alarm maintenance, fire extinguisher maintenance and fire suppression system maintenance. Our BAFE accredited engineers will ensure your equipment runs at peak performance and take care of all legal and advisable maintenance and testing.Maintenance of your equipment is an essential part of your fire safety strategy. Whether we have installed it or not, we can maintain your systems.

Our comprehensive packages for both reactive and preventative maintenance will be tailor-made to your requirements, offering you 24/7 peace-of-mind.

Our industry-unique reporting package ensures you can keep track of your entire Fire Safety Maintenance contracts. It also makes our BAFE certified technicians highly efficient when on your premises, thereby minimising disruption to you and your business.

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Fire Alarm Servicing and Maintenance

Fire alarm systems are essential to protect life and property at your business or residential complex. At Rhino Fire Control we believe in making your legal servicing obligations as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Our engineers are available 24-7 for emergency callouts and to conduct regular bi-annual inspections of your equipment. Our engineers strictly adhere to BS5839-1:2013 requirements and will complete all legal documentation you need to verify proper service records are kept. Our engineers will identify any faults in the system and repair and advise as necessary on your equipment.

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Fire Alarm Maintenance Testing

Fire Extinguisher Servicing and Maintenance

Fire Extinguisher Pin Testing

Regular fire extinguisher maintenance is essential to ensure that fire extinguishers perform when needed and that they are safe in your business premises. Fire extinguishers are pressurised containers that, if damaged, can break causing damage to persons or property. Regular maintenance ensures that fire extinguishers maintain pressure and condition – preventing the risk of issues.Our registered engineers will ensure that your extinguishers are serviced to BS 5306-3:2009 standards and will provide all necessary documentation including service labelling of individual extinguishers. We will check all wall mountings, extinguisher pressure and extinguishers themselves to ensure all equipment is in perfect condition.

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Fire Suppression System Servicing and Maintenance

Fire suppression systems require regular maintenance to ensure that all aspects of the systems are functioning correctly. As advanced fire systems providers, our engineers make sure that all the
separate components of the system are fully functioning including the early detection system, the suppression canisters or materials themselves and the deployment units.We will provide full documentation of maintenance checks for record keeping and ensure that all systems remain in fully functioning condition.Contact us today for a free Fire Suppression System Servicing and Maintenance consultation.
Fire Suppression Maintenance Battery Checks

Working with Rhino Fire Control

At Rhino Fire Control we offer bespoke fire system maintenance packages based on your individual premises and your requirements. All our engineers are BAFE registered to ensure the highest quality of servicing work is carried out. We offer flexible contracts based on your requirements and legal obligations as an organisation to ensure fire system maintenance and servicing is carried out as comprehensively and cost-effectively as possible.

Contact us today to find out about fire alarm maintenance, fire extinguisher maintenance and fire suppression system maintenance or to request a quote directly.  We conduct free, no obligation, site evaluations prior to pricing in order to accurately reflect your business requirements.