Identifying and removing potential risks is the key to preventing outbreak of fire.

Our trusted, expert eye allows us to quickly identify and highlight possible dangers, and advise appropriate further action. By having Rhino as part of your Fire Safety Team, your personnel will become more conversant with good fire safety habits.

How can we help you Prevent Fire?

Fire Risk Assessments

Your Fire Risk Assessment is the foundation for all fire precautions within your premises. It needs to be addressed thoroughly without undue time spent, and have a common sense approach. Our Qualified Assessors will provide you with a report that is clear, logical and concise.

Fire Safety Management

Our Assessors will help you to understand the significant findings within the Fire Risk Assessment. We can provide solutions to eliminate, or at least reduce, the risks and hazards and assist you with with your ongoing Fire Safety Management.

Staff Training in Fire Awareness

Staff Training is fundamental to the successful implementation of your fire strategies. Our comprehensive fire training courses will increase fire awareness and give the confidence to safely tackle small fire preventing it getting out of control.