In a fire, smoke or power failure can plunge you into darkness, significantly reducing your chances of escape.

The Rhino Team can Design and Install Emergency Lighting, Fire Safety Signage, and Voice Alarm Systems as part of your Emergency Evacuation strategy.

How can we help you Escape Fire?

Emergency Lighting

In panic or emergency situations, clear site of your escape path is essential. Without emergency lighting, this could be difficult – especially if your premises are being operated during hours of darkness.

Fire Safety Signage

Which way do I go? Using industry standard Fire Safety Signage will assist in wayfinding in an emergency.

Voice Alarm Systems

Alarms and sounders are now used in many applications – not just Fire Alarms. In manufacturing and industrial environments, confusion can be caused between fire alarms and machine alarms. This is why Rhino emphasise the importance of intelligible voice alarm systems. The use of Voice Alarm Systems removes the doubt in an emergency situation, by clearly stating the required actions.