As part of our core desire to Protect Life and Health, Rhino Fire Control makes regular donations to worthy charities. We believe that these charities create a significant impact on the well-being of those it supports.


Marie Curie provide care and support for people living with any terminal illness, and their families. Last year they cared for over 40,000 people across the UK.


Being the largest children’s charity in the UK, Barnardos services help children in poverty, support young carers and help families looking to foster or adopt a child.

RRT Logo

RRT simply seeks to use charitable resources to help those in need. It operates in two categories of proactive and reactive, covering a wide variety of topics.


With 70 years of experience, Oxfam is a globally renowned aid and development charity campaigning with partners across more than 90 countries worldwide.

grace trust

The Grace Trust was formed in 1968 and the charity’s objectives include; humanitarian aid and assistance in connection with worldwide natural disasters, support of education across Europe where based on a Christian Ethos, alleviation of poverty… the list goes on.


If you’re affected by sight loss, RNIB are there to help you. Their practical and emotional support can help you face the future with confidence.


The British Red Cross helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. They are part of a global voluntary network, responding to conflicts, natural disasters and more.