Welcome to Rhino Fire Control. The preferred provider for Fire Safety Solutions to group and multi-site organisations.

There are many myths and uncertainties that surround Fire Safety. We are committed to dispelling these by helping our customers to understand their obligations, and assisting them to select the best solutions to fulfil them.

Our business operation thrives on innovation, bringing new ideas to our clients and sharing these concepts with them.

Rhino Fire Control is a company where excellence is key. We expect, and accept, only the best. Customers trust our consistency and integrity. Reliable every time and doing exactly what we say we’ll do.

We believe in Fire Safety and we’re passionate about helping you manage yours.

24/7 Call Out

24/7 Call Out

Because we realise the importance of your equipment, we offer a 24 hour, 7 days a week support service to help you rectify any Fire Alarm issues.
Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Using all the latest technology, we can set up a system to monitor your Fire Alarm 24/7.
Fire Safety Consultancy

Fire Safety Consultancy

Why not let us know your requirements and a member of our Fire Safety Consultancy Team will get in touch with you.

Protect Life & Health

Life and Health is the most important consideration when it comes to Fire Safety, and is the fundamental objective from which we work. Protecting yourself, your staff, your clients and the public around you, requires good planning and an understanding of Fire Safety regulations. This starts with being able to assess the fire hazards and associated risk levels within your premises. It then leads to determining what you need to do to ensure that personnel have the highest possible chance of escaping harm should a fire break out. Our Fire Risk Assessment service will help you to drill down into the needs at your organisation, and provide you with a comprehensive yet easy to understand written report. Our report embraces a plan of action, and prioritises items based on the level of risk to life.   Protect Property

Protect Property

Protection of Property is vital in order to secure and maintain safe working environments in which livelihoods are earnt. We know that the continuity of your business is dependent on preserving your premises, your stock and your administrative infrastructure. It is proven that most businesses never recover from a major fire. This is why it is so important for you to have good, sound, well maintained fire protection in your property. We have Solutions to provide you with the protection that you need.   Protect Environment

Protect Environment

A serious fire on your premises will result in damage to the natural environment, the built environment and the social environment in which you live. Extinguishing fire and clearing up after fire can also cause contamination and pollution to the atmosphere, waterways and natural habitats. The chaos and disruption that fire brings to the community emphasises the need to have robust fire safety measures in place. We will work with you to Design and Maintain the best Solution for you.